Meet the #kids2030 Community Champions


30 August 2021 by Susan Ibach
Meet the community champions who applied their creativity and technical skills to preventing plastic pollution. If we’re going to solve the biggest issues facing our Earth, we need everyone to help out! That’s why Kids Code Jeunesse created the #kids2030 Challenge to encourage students to take part in creating a better planet. Each year, Kids Code Jeunesse sets a new challenge with a United Nations Sustainable Development Goal as a theme, while getting students to explore how digital skills, AI and data, ethics, and technology can help solve the world’s most pressing issues. Amazon Future Engineer is proud to be a founding partner of the #Kids2030 Challenge. Let’s meet some of the students who tackled this year’s challenge of preventing plastic pollution.

Willow created a Scratch game Save the Oceans With Splotchy! which challenges you to collect plastic bottles and stop the evil toad, she added lots of fun details to make the game more engaging and she proposes we use less plastic bags and instead use paper or re-usable bags.


Mr Lee’s Grade 5/6 class at Featherston Drive Public School had lots of great ideas for reducing plastic pollution including bamboo toothbrushes, package-free shops, and water filtration systems!


Aleena built a Scratch game called Save the Orca where you have to keep an orca healthy by helping it find food while staying away from the plastic pollution. Aleena also reminds us to use refillable water bottles and reusable lunch boxes at school instead of disposable plastic alternatives.


Mariam built a Scratch game called Robot Eco where you help a robot move the garbage to the correct bins as a reminder of the importance to correctly sort your recycling from the garbage.


Congratulations to all the #kids2030 Community Champions! You are making a difference with your passion, technical skills, and creativity! The theme for the 2021/2022 #kids2030 Challenge is coming soon, will you be the next champion?

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