Your Voice is Power

Make beats. Learn code. Promote equity.

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Ready to compete for awesome prizes while learning new skills and inspiring action towards social justice? Time to get creative, code, and put your entrepreneurial spirit to the test.

Your Voice is Power is a national competition for middle and high school students designed to teach the fundamentals of computer science, entrepreneurship, and social justice. Using the EarSketch platform, students get creative to remix songs from Indigenous artists and use what they have learned from the provided course outline.
Meet the Artists

Dakota Bear
Dakota Bear is a Saskatoon-bred, Vancouver-based Indigenous Hip-Hop artist and activist. His passion for social justice and music are a powerful blend, using his platforms to create changes and spread positive messages. His message has been shared in large and grassroots news, media publications, and blogging websites. His quest for love, justice, and peace is unwavering, while his sound is unique and melodic
Jayli Wolf
Raised in a doomsday cult. Forged in the wild. Jayli Wolf lost everything and everyone for renouncing her childhood faith. That is when she discovered herself, began to heal through music, and started the work of reclaiming her Indigenous heritage. Jayli is an Anishinaabe/Cree artist, songwriter, actor, and filmmaker based out of Toronto, Canada.
Originally from Pikogan, a small Aboriginal community in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Samian has conquered by proudly wearing his colours; those of an entire people for whom he claims respect and recognition. He has performed throughout Canada and in more than ten countries worldwide. He has also published a poetry collection gathering the texts of his three albums. In addition, several of his texts are now found in different textbooks in Quebec.
Learn & Code
The Your Voice Is Power competition is an opportunity to remix beats while learning to code. Yes, code! Your students will use EarSketch, a free online code editor, to compose a unique song while learning computer science. No experience is necessary to participate. Students can also participate in the curriculum experience to develop an understanding of social justice themes to include in their song.
Compete & Submit
The competition runs through May 22, 2023. Students develop and submit a unique song that a panel of industry experts will judge. Songs should be between 30 seconds and 3 minutes, including five unique music tracks and one or more sound clips from the highlighted artists above. Entries will be judged based on the quality of music, code, and inclusion of social justice themes.
First Place
Two students will win $5,000 to go towards college or to start a business.
Runners up
Runners up will win $250 Amazon gift cards and $25 for honourable mentions!
One excellent teacher will receive $1,000 for their remarkable instruction.
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